Sustainibility & recycling

At every stage of production sustainable choices are made by being zero-waste, and using mostly organic materials. We are proud to contribute to a sustainable planet by having a zero-waste production. No material is ever thrown away. By recycling rest materials, we create new magic. Nothing goes to waste at Mumami.
Leftover textiles are used to make new unique designs, one-of-a kind models. 

Asmira grew up in the '70s, and her attitude towards things remained the same as in her childhood when there was no abundance, and modesty was a virtue. Things had a long lifespan because of their quality. People rarely bought new things. Instead, things were used to creatively model new designs, which, by changing their original shape and purpose, continued to live as a new subject of another function. Even a broken thing or error in the making is the beginning of some new creativity and value, which needs to be recreated and created. Today, Mumami creates exactly such objects: quality, durable, designed to last long, with a zero-waste philosophy of life.


Women empowerment

During the wartime in Bosnia many women have lost their men, families and homes. Through this experience these women became survivors who were forced to take care of their closest on their own. They fell back on their roots and started working with their hands again: wherever and whenever it was possible. This turned out to be therapeutic as well. When our brand came in touch with these women, we introduced them to even more handwork and most importantly: colour. Colour worked their magic on the traumas many of these women had. Handwork became a form of escapism and relaxation. The war traumas slowly faded to the background of their lives and the future opened up again. It was the old traditional craftmanship that helped the women get their confidence and hope back in their lives.


Mumami and the craftswomen believe in each other. Mumami's success is the success of each woman as well. The prize of each product is determined by the woman who creates the product. Also, our women make our items with much love and joy, which is felt and seen in every Mumami product. The customer feels this with each purchase: you will receive this feeling right back. All this together makes our products fair trade and sustainable in the true sense of the word. Working for Mumami brings all the women financial independence and a form of therapy by doing handwork. Research has shown that handwork is one of the best ways to treat traumas. Our aim is to make the lives of these women better. Through our work and strong engagement, we support empowerment of the individual, the community and women who are often the pillars of communities. Mumami has given more than 30 women of all ethnicities in Bosnia and Hercegovina the chance to work for a better future.

We want to stimulate the long tradition of handwork economically and be an incentive to enable women’s independence.

We want to bring in our part to make the world a better place. We’re not about making quick money, but about building a business for happier people and a happy planet.