Welcome to our World of Handmade Happiness!



Welcome to our World of Handmade Happiness!

We create handmade, sustainable products that are unique, honest and fair. Every single piece in our collection comes with its own story and has a unique, creative design. ‘Mumami’ is not a word that you’ll find in a dictionary. It is invented by the daughter of the brains behind Mumami. It was her way to pronounce “bubamara”, which is Bosnian for ladybug. Just like this little girl was twisting reality, we challenge ourselves to play with designs in a creative and fun way. Our products are fun – fun to wear, to see & to touch, triggering your own creativity and fantasy. Discover our bright, exclusive collection!

Uniquely designed clothing, made with love

We offer items for children and adults, that are young at heart and have stayed true to their inner child. In our collection, you find more than just colourful handmade clothes. We also offer the most beautiful pieces of interior- and room decoration. Most of our products are made of natural fabrics. They are designed in Amsterdam with passion and manufactured with love and care by local women in Bosnia and Amsterdam as well. The pieces we offer are unique – we produce in small series and no product is ever the same. Buying a Mumami product means owning an exclusive item made with love and passion.

A fair way of doing business

At Mumami we care for and try to help those who are in need. That’s why we guarantee a fair way of doing business with the Bosnian women that we work with. By purchasing one of our products you support these women, so they are able to become independent and financially stable.

Discover our handmade collection!

Are you looking for a sustainable, handmade product that makes you feel unique and happy? Whether you’re looking to buy a unique accessory, a colourful bag or a warm, knitted cardigan – every Mumami product is a product for a lifetime. We promise that your purchase will live up to your expectations – it's unique, colourful, sustainable and happy! Discover our fairtrade fashion collection online or visit our store in Amsterdam. And get inspired!

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