F.A.Q. Mumami



Is everything handmade? 

Yes, 99% of our products are made by hand. We are very proud and happy with our lovely women in Bosnia and Hercegovina who have talented hands behind our collection. 


Where are the products made? 

In Bosnia Hercegovina mostly, and some in the south of Serbia. Some finishing touches are made in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. All products are fairly and ethically handmade. We are proud to give financial independence and a form of therapy handwork to our wonderful women. 

Where do you buy your materials?

We buy most of our textiles in Weesp, The Netherlands. The companys name is Stenzo Textiles. Some textiles are bought in Paris, France. Our yarns are also locally bought in The Netherlands and Bosnia as well

What do you do to stay sustainable?

The owner and mind behind Mumami, Asmira, has grown up with the vision and upbringing to never waste any material or anything that could still be used. This was implemented in her fashion thinking as well. This is why we never throw away any excess textiles. We aim to be zero-waste by re-using the textiles and creating something new. Either using it for filling toys, making new unique dresses, or toys that are recycled from old dress collections. We are very proud to not only make people happy with our products but the planet as well. 

If you have any old clothing left, and you dont know what to do with it, give it to us! We will create a brand-new piece and give it a new life. Send an e-mail to info@mumami.nl, contact us through our social media, or stop by our store in Amsterdam.

Is Mumami fairtrade?

The local women in Bosnia and Hercegovina work for fair prices and even decide them themselves. They decide what they get paid for their handcraft. We work closely with them, and see them as our big Mumami family. We want to help them get financially independent. 



Can I exchange/make a return? 

Of course, you can make a return within 14 days after buying, or exchange it. For more information send an e-mail to info@mumami.nl


Are you only for kids?

We are for everyone that loves color, happy products, and a fair and sustainable way of producing. We are happy to be loved by both young and old. You can find something for every age. We have a baby, girls, boys, women, accessories, and interior collection.


Can you make a custom order? 

You can send us an e-mail to info@mumami.nl with your preferred wishes. If you wish to have an item in a different color, or any other detail, we can see what we can do for you. 

Can you embroider a text or name? 

Yes, send us the preferred text together with the item you want the text or name on to info@mumami.nl, and we will make it happen for you.


What is your guarantee? 

We guarantee you a unique, handmade product that will make you and the planet happy. We aim to have high quality products that will last you a long time.


After the payment is made the order will be sent the same day. If this doesn't happen, you will receive an email about this.


Delivered the same day in Amsterdam

1-2 working days in The Netherlands

3-7 working days to Europe

4-14 working days to the remaining worldwide destinations 


The freight charge depends on the weight & your delivery address. Shipping insurance can be made on request. Mumami cannot be held responsible for lost mail. If requested, after consultation the order can also be picked up at our store in Amsterdam. 


The orders are shipped with DPD, DHL or Post NL (Dutch Royal Mail), depending on the destination. 


Our Amsterdam store is opened daily between 11 AM-7 PM
Paleisstraat 135
1012 ZL Amsterdam

If you want to make your children happy with colorful, original clothes that nobody has, take a trip here. Really spoiled for choice. All very very imaginative, both the clothes and the accessories. In addition to dresses, t-shirts, sweatshirts for girls and boys, there are also some dresses for women. All very nice.

Great shop for happy, quirky and colourful clothes and different handmade gadgets & presents, 100% made in Europe..! I was even happier to learn that Mumami is a fair and a sustainable business. By being a customer I was supporting women in small rural communities which are payed fair and square for their work. One of a kind!

''What a great little shop this is! If you don't get happy in here, you won't get anywhere.''

Mumami is a world of joy, endless color and products with a true meaning. We make designs to make you smile, and have a meaningful lifelong sustainable span in your wardrobe and house. No purchase from Mumami is an ordinary purchase.