Our production

Sustainibility & recycling


For Mumami sustainability is not only a volatile trend but it's deeply rooted in our working philosophy and the tradition of Bosnian craftsmanship. That's why we source our yarns and garments only by well-known suppliers and dye them with natural colors.


Our items are not only made of naturals yarns - we also recycle them. Whatever is not sold nor used will be turned into a new item. In that way a worn-out jumper can easily turn into a new toy or a bag. Recycling works like magic! We recycle from our old collections and create exclusive unique products that have only one of each. All products are one of a kind


We aim to use natural materials and produce our items in respect to human, environment and animals. We are proud to say that we succesfully work towards a zero waste production. 

Women empowerment

We work in partnership with more than 30 women, who make our items, over many years. These are Bosnian women who lost everything during the war but still possess the passion and art of craftsmanship. Spinning and knitting and all other traditional ways of creating our products is therapeutic and relaxing for them.


We feel a strong connection with our Bosnian women and visit them regularly not only because of their ambitous character but also because they really love what they do. Mumami supports their efforts to work independently and yet to conform to our quality standards. We aim to work with them trough any problems constructively. 

By purchasing one of our unique items, you will help these women become independent and survive financially. You will bring joy in their lives by bringing joy and happiness into your own life.