Our story

Handmade products that are unique, honest, and fair. That is what Mumami stands for. We want to give you a feeling of joy by designing and making products that are fun to wear and fun to watch. All our products have a story and trigger creativity and fantasy. “Mumami” is a fantasy word, invented by the daughter of the brains behind Mumami. It was her way to pronounce “bubamara”, which is Bosnian for ladybug. Twisting reality in a creative and fun way is what Mumami does, which is why we decided to name ourselves Mumami.


Our products are not only for children. We also create all different kinds of handmade pieces for adults who keep the child within them alive. Our collection varies from hats and clothes to interior and room decoration. Whether you’re looking for an accessory or a bag, or a toy, you will find a unique product at our shop for sure. Get inspired in our shop in Amsterdam or online.






You will have a unique piece
Mumami products are created with a lot of passion and love. Designed in Amsterdam, and handmade with love in both Bosnia and Amsterdam by local women. We produce in small series and no product is ever the same. There’s almost always a small difference in the colour combination or size. The collection is constantly evolving so there’s a unique piece for everyone. We offer exclusivity.


The story behind Mumami

Following old traditions, Bosnian women create the unique pieces in their country.  After the war, many Bosnian women lost their husband and struggled to make a living. By purchasing one of our unique products, you will help them to become independent and survive financially. You will bring joy in their lives by bringing joy and happiness in your own life. We stand for doing business in a fair way.


We feel a strong connection with women from Bosnia because of their ambitious character and the way they love what they do. Spinning and all other traditional ways of creating our products is therapeutic and relaxing for them. The roots of the owner of Mumami are in Bosnia. She keeps a sharp eye on the production to ensure the quality.


A world of handmade happiness

You will have a unique product that makes you happy and feel young, while doing something good for someone that will truly appreciate it.



If someone understands and feels connected to design, then it’s Asmira Salkanovic. This Bosnian designer entered the world of fashion at age 14. She comes from a family that loves handcraft and participated by inventing a concept that combines pure materials, colours, and old techniques to create a new design.


As a graduate at the technology university of Zagreb (major: Design and Textile), she continued her educational pathway at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After that, she was ready for the real work. She gained years of valuable work experience as a designer of women’s fashion and costumes. And her work was noticed soon enough: her creations were used multiple times for theatre and television.


After the birth of her first child, everything changed.  A world opened up for her; she was fascinated by the honesty and creative minds of children. She felt straight away she had to do something with this insight. That’s how Mumami was born. You will find Asmira’s experience and passion in every single one of the products.