Colour and balance

If you have ever entered our shop or scrolled through the products in our webshop, you surely have noticed one thing: we use a lot of colours. Our slogan is “world of handmade happiness” and colour is an important aspect of maintaining this vision. But what is actually the purpose of all these colours?

We do not limit ourselves to a certain colour pattern or combination. In our products, we use all different kinds of colours. From navy-blue to fluor pink and from gold to gray, every colour can spread happiness when used in a particular way and when combined with an appropriate colour. This is where balance comes in. Finding the right balance in colours and materials is not always easy but it’s something we aim for. It’s our goal to find the perfect colour balance to spread happiness and joy.

But there’s more to picking colours than just the colour balance. One day, we made a collection of little rattles for babies. We made them in realistic colours like brown, beige, and gray. We produced a couple golden ones, which is not a natural colour for a hedgehog. But they sold out rapidly. Fantasy, it’s all about fantasy.

You might have noticed we use a lot of red in our products. Red is indeed one of our favourite colours to use because of the feeling of joy it gives. It’s partially a cultural thing; in Eastern Europe, red symbolises happiness. Hence, it is the base of many handmade decoration products such as carpets. In addition, a dark red colour stands for happiness, meditation, and relaxing. Who knew there were so many messages in a colour!

So we don’t pick our colours by following what’s hot and happening or looking at fashion. We decide what colours to use for our products by perfectionising the colour balance and using just the right amount of fantasy. We follow our heart. By doing that, we create a strong brand and a recognisable style. That’s how we create the handmade world of happiness.

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